Volumizing, lifting, firming and anti-wrinkle


BreastGro has been the leader and specialist in breast enlargement and firming.
Besides the capsules, BreastGro is now offering a unique and complete range of products to enhance your breasts from the outside.

Scientifically developed, tested clinically and with revolutionary ingredients: Volufiline®, Kigeline®, Bio-Bustyl™ en Juvinity®.




BreastGro Capsules

- Enlarges breasts from within
- Active ingredient hop, which stimulates the breast development process

BreastGro Volumizing Cream

- Stimulates the storage of fatty tissue in the breasts (lipofilling)


BreastGro Lifting Gel

- Stimulates collagen production, lifts and firms breast and décolleté skin


BreastGro Firming Mask

- Night mask for intensive care of breast and cleavage


This animation shows how BreastGro Capsules work.