Every woman's breasts are different: small, large, saggy, pert, flat... No wonder breasts are a cause of insecurity for many women. Recent research has shown that more than 35% of Dutch women are dissatisfied with their cup size. Around 9% of these women are so unhappy with the size of their breasts that they are even considering breast enlargement surgery.

Breast development

Hormones cause women's breasts to develop during puberty. Breasts are made up of three types of tissue: fatty tissue, connective tissue and glandular tissue. The amount of glandular and fatty tissue determines the size and shape of the breast. The connective tissue forms a band that supports the breasts. The glandular tissue is a type of network of mammary glands, with around 20 glands on average in each breast.

From a small cup to a large cup

Cup size is mainly dependent on the amount of glandular tissue in the breasts. It is actually determined by heredity it's 'in the family'. When women have smaller breasts, it is simply because their bodies produced less glandular tissue during puberty. In the Breast Enlargement section you can read how selected plant extracts in BreastGro can increase the amount of glandular tissue in these women. In a completely natural and safe way, breasts increase by up to 2 cup sizes.

Saggy or firm

As a woman gets older, the amount of glandular tissue diminishes... with saggier breasts as the result. The skin is no longer elastic enough to adapt to the reduced amount of tissue inside, making the breasts hang downwards. However, it is not just age that makes breasts sag: fluctuations in weight, and pregnancies, also take their toll. Unfortunately exercise has no effect on the firmness of the breasts, because they do not contain muscle. Only the large pectoral muscle under the breasts can be toned, for example through swimming, rowing and yoga, but the breast tissue itself will remain just as slack. Only by enabling the glandular tissue to grow (again) or enabling the skin to tighten will breasts become firmer. You can read more about this in the Breast Enlargement and Breast Firming sections.



This animation shows how BreastGro Capsules work.