The following offers a selection of responses from satisfied BreastGro users.

Lydia from The Netherlands (38): "Until I was 30, I had beautiful, firm breasts. A B cup, but they were nicely proportionate to my body. And then... I had children. During my pregnancies, my breasts were lovely, they were big and full. Three children later, they looked like floppy, old teabags. My husband didnít mind, but I really felt that it diminished my sense of femininity. I even considered breast correction surgery, but I ultimately decided that the risks of an operation were too great. I read about BreastGro and didnít really think that something like that could work. I tried it anyway Ė and to my great surprise, I noticed a difference within two months. I have been taking BreastGro for almost 8 months now and I have now switched to the maintenance dosage of two tablets a day. My breasts are firm again, and my nipples point to the front now, instead of at my feet. And I am now the proud owner of a C cup!"

Sharon from England (40): "I felt that I just had to let you all know how happy I am with the results that I achieved thanks to BreastGro. I am so enthusiastic that I can hardly imagine what I thought about BreastGro before I started taking it. I had been looking for a solution for my floppy breasts, but I didnít want an operation, and honestly speaking, I didnít have much faith in pills containing natural extracts. I seriously considered trying something anyway, because then at least I would know that I had tried to do something about it. Although I really expected very little from it, I am very happy with my breasts now, and I regained my self-confidence in only seven months."

Sonja from the Netherlands (29): "It has been six weeks now, and I am very optimistic about BreastGro. In the third week, I already started to feel a bit of pressure, but it wasnít until last week that I started to notice that my breasts were becoming firmer. I am planning to keep taking BreastGro until I have achieved my goal. My goal is to increase my breast size by one cup size. I know that itís too early to tell, but I am so excited about the results that I have achieved so far that I just had to say something."

Marjon from the Netherlands (31): "I didnít start puberty until relatively late. I still remember being the only girl at gym class in high school that wasnít wearing a bra. Of course my breasts have developed since then, but I never got any farther than a good-sized cup A. That meant that I was always trying things with supplementary pads or stuffing. Water pads, oil pads, bras with air cushions or separate silicon gel packs... you name it and I tried it. And it all does work, but itís a hassle and they arenít your own breasts. I had basically already given up hope when I discovered BreastGro. I have been using this product for about ten months now, and I have developed into a small B cup, which I really hadnít expected. You need to have some patience, especially if youíre like me and you have smaller breasts, but it does work."

Nikki from Germany (30): "I wanted to thank you so much, because BreastGro really worked for me. My husband left me when I was pregnant with my daughter. I raised her on my own and, although I didnít have much free time because I was busy with my daughter, I wanted to be able to start dating and having a relationship again. I couldnít, though, because my breasts were terribly floppy after giving breastfeeding for ten months. Five months ago, I decided to try BreastGro, after a friend told me about it. I am now finally ready to start dating without feeling self-conscious, without feeling like I should feel ashamed about undressing in front of a man."

Kati from Germany (37): "I didnít really think that these pills would work, but I decided to try them anyway. I first gathered a lot of information and reached the decision that BreastGro was the most realistic option, and it was also available for a relatively low price. I bought three packages and felt a difference in my breasts after only five weeks. If I use up all the packages I bought and Iím not satisfied with the results yet, then I will simply buy more packages, so that I know that I gave BreastGro enough of a chance to work."

Loes from The Netherlands (49): "I never had any complaints about my feminine curves; in fact, I was too voluptuous for a long time. A year or so ago, I took a drastic approach and lost my excess weight. Unfortunately, my cup size disappeared along with my weight. My breasts became floppy and shrank at least two sizes. I initially started taking BreastGro to make my breasts fuller and firmer again. To my great surprise, after taking the tablets for a bit more than six months, I was back at my old cup size without gaining any extra weight. I am very satisfied."

Willy from The Netherlands (51): "Now that I am growing older, I am no longer as firm and fit as I once was. Without my noticing, my breasts and buttocks lost some of their firmness and my waistline suddenly disappeared. I can accept that you can start to see the effects of the years I have lived, but I did think it was a pity that my cleavage was also much less attractive than it used to be. I like to wear pretty necklaces, and they look best on a bare neck. I mainly started using BreastGro to increase the firmness of my breasts again, so I could wear a low-cut sweater comfortably again. I can recommend it to everyone, because my cleavage is just as good as it used to be. And all that within 6 months!"

Angela from the Netherlands (26): "I am writing to thank you. I never expected that my breasts would grow without an operation. Even so, I wanted to try some other alternative before choosing that last, drastic option. Right now, Iím very satisfied with my breasts, although I havenít used up all my packages of BreastGro yet. I have used six packages so far and Iím already starting to reduce the dosage. Iím saving my last package for the maintenance dose, but so far I am really very happy with the results."

Nicole from Belgium (21): "I have used three packages of BreastGro so far. The BreastGro support department emphasised to me that I needed to be realistic, because there was very little glandular tissue in my breasts. However, I still wanted to try, since it is a natural product and it couldnít hurt. The best part is that it really works. After three months, I can already feel my bra getting tighter. I am planning to continue until I feel satisfied with my breasts, but at least now I know that itís working!"

Sandra from France (48): "I wanted you to know that I already have firm, slightly larger breasts after using BreastGro for only four months. I was not very optimistic, since I am already going through menopause and I had read that breast growth occurs less often in menopause, but I still wanted to try it to increase the firmness of my breasts. After three months, my breasts had reached the level of firmness that I wanted, but I decided to keep taking BreastGro to see what would happen. I have already noticed some growth and I will simply keep going until I have achieved one cup size bigger."

Maria from Spain (33): "After the birth of my second child, I was devastated, because my breasts sagged terribly. My D cup had vanished and everything was floppy. My boyfriend had requested information about BreastGro and convinced me to try it. I stopped taking BreastGro for a period of three months, because I had achieved very satisfactory results after four months, and it is still going well."

Catherine from France (23): "Great pills! Not only have I seen my breasts grow, but my skin feels wonderful too. I think that your pills may also have solved my acne problem. I am now taking my sixth package and I hope that I continue to see progress."

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