The BreastGro Capsules contain natural ingredients which help to enlarge and firm women's breasts. The capsules, with the active ingredient hops, stimulate the breast development process. During this process just like in puberty hormones cause the body to produce glandular tissue. The active substances hops, soya and grains in the BreastGro Capsules do the same thing. After taking them for a while, the glandular tissue in your breasts is activated, resulting in: larger, full breasts.


BreastGro Volumizing Cream contains the unique ingredients Volufiline and Kigeline. This cream has been developed to enlarge and firm the breasts. Volufiline stimulates the storage of fatty tissue in the breasts (lipofilling) and enlarges the breasts naturally. Kigeline penetrates deep into the skin and firms skin and breast tissue.


This animation shows how BreastGro Capsules work.